1. ADD HANGING STORAGE -An essential component of any mudroom or entryway is having plenty of space to hang things. If you don’t have enough wall space, you can always add a free-standing rack.

2. INCORPORATE WOVEN BASKETS - Rattan and wicker baskets pop up in a lot of laundry rooms and mudrooms. They’re handy for organizing accessories and add natural texture.

3. EMBRACE THE BOOT TRAY - No doubt about it, entryways and mudrooms can get, well, muddy. This particular space has been beautifully styled with a Chilewich rubber mat to keep their wellies from soaking the floor.

4. ADD A POP OF COLOR – Don’t beafraid of adding some vibrant color as a focal point of the room.

5. INSTALL A UTILITY SINK – A utility sink, with a pull-down faucet like the Dresden model from Vigo, is useful for gardening, cleaning up paint and crafts, or quick washing of clothes. You can even install an oversized sink for hosing off pets.